2 layer-laminated films

Polyester + Polyethylene are the easiest and the most economic solutions to protect perishable goods.The film offers a good barrier against humidity, gas and aroma which can be made batter for prolonged protection by using metallized Polyester and Polyethylene blended with barrier products.High-vacuum metallized Polyester contributes to refract the ultraviolet rays, so as to provide thermic insulation in the building industry, is possible using metallized film reinforced with net and laminated with Polyethylene.Metallized Polyester laminated with Polyethylene is the ideal support for bubble Polyethylene or foam Polyethylene.

3 layer-laminated films

A layer of Aluminium is the best barrier to humidity.In laminating Aluminium with Polyester and Polyethylene we obtain a thermo-welded film with good tensile strength and with a barrier to humidity and light.A myriad of thicknesses and materials are possible as each product has its own suitable packaging.Sala is doing this day by day using as well Nylon Polipropylene and high density Polyethylene.We also manufacture films intended for sterilization by autoclave and for pasteurization.

4 layer-laminated films

For highly complex packaging problems, sophisticated solutions can be achieved.4 layers-laminated films can reach incomparable technical levels as a barrier to humidity, puncture resistance and strength resistance.A 40 feet container interior liner or 1500 kg. big bag will be provided with the same high grade of safety using laminated film with Polyester, Aluminium, Nylon and Polyethylene up to 300 micron thickness total.The maximum width of the rolls produced is mm. 1600 for easy and quick pack.